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Upon availability, you can receive all hotel offers via email or you can make a reservation via our reservation hotline +49 30 97 80 88 88.

Hotel deal: "Balance – Time for you and me"

Hotel deal: "Balance – Time for you and me" Enjoy Saxony of his most beautiful side as a guest at the Hotel Schloss Schweinsburg. Far away of the everyday life the romantic castle scenery with adjoining water castle receives you and invites to relaxed hours. Our balance offer is tuned especially to bring body and soul in harmony and contains a whole body Shiatsu massage, as well as a being relaxing facial massage. Enjoy gastronomically delights In our restaurant "Castell" you experience with 4 course menu in the...

Ayurveda in Schloss Schweinsburg

Ayurveda in Schloss Schweinsburg Hotel deal: Bring in line your body, mind and soul with Ayurveda! Escape from your daily life in order to phase your body, mind and soul. Our package combines healing effect of Ayurveda treatments with a recreative stay in our beautiful castle hotel. Enjoy a full body massage as well as an Ayurveda head-, neck- and face massage combined with warm herbal oils. Afterwards you will glory in a delicious 3 course menu in our restaurant “Castell”. Enjoy wellness and absolute...