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Balance – Time for you and me

Balance – Time for you and me Enjoy Saxony of his most beautiful side as a guest at the Hotel Schloss Schweinsburg. Far away of the everyday life the romantic castle scenery with adjoining water castle receives you and invites to relaxed hours. Our balance offer is tuned especially to bring body and soul in harmony and contains a whole body Shiatsu massage, a being relaxing facial massage as well as a foot zone reflex massage. In our restaurant "Castell" you experience with 3 course menu in the evening...

Time Travel

Zeitreise  - Trabi mit Schloss Begin your personal time travel and visit the romantic hotel castle Hotel Schloss Schweinsburg in Saxony whose foundation walls go back for the year 1000. Hotel guests are dining in the restaurant "Castell" of the adjoining water castle whose construction decreases to 1200. The 2nd day will bring a highlight of the newer history – you make an excursion to the surroundings with the probably most famous East German car - the Trabi. After skilled installation you start on a...